Meet Michael "MJ" Johnson and his 'stache

Meet Michael "MJ" Johnson and his 'stache
As usual, our Show Us Yer 'Stache Competition was a mighty one, featuring a variety of lengths and styles. Many folks turned up to vote, but only one man could win the prestige, the bar gift cards, and the fashion prizes. This Movember, Michael "MJ" Johnson reigned supreme, taking the vote by a landslide. Before hooking him up with his killer prize package, we took a moment to chat with him about his awesome 'stache.

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Meet Michael "MJ" Johnson and his 'stache

So, what's the history of this particular mustache?

It's nickname is 'Wu-Tang Whiskers.' It's over two years of growth and styling practice. I'm a three-time Minnesota State Champion, the current National Champion, and I just won a silver medal at the 2013 World Championships in Germany. However, I feel this City Pages contest is the true pinnacle of my mustaching career.

Do you have any advice to men who want to grow a mustache like yours?

Let it grow, read The Moustache Grower's Guide by Lucien Edwards, and use Dream Beard beard oil to keep it healthy (and so you don't have to steal your wife's conditioners).

What's your all-time favorite celebrity 'stache?

When it comes to celebrity facial hair, there are two that reign supreme: Borat and Kevin Love. So much power.

Do you ever get any weird comments about your mustache?

Oh, yeah. Lots of times people will stop, stare, and say, 'Where did you get those?' or 'That's not real' or 'Can I touch it?' but my favorites are when people see it and say, 'I like your...' (four-second pause, and then points in the general direction of my face) '...thing.' Kids are great; they check it out for a few seconds and say, 'You have a mustache.' In general, everyone is nice.

Did you have a campaign strategy during the contest?

I envisioned myself eating Sea Salt with a shot of tequila from Barrio in new clothes from Heime's while at the Wild game. Highly motivating.

What do you think gave you an edge?

The Minneapolis Beard and Moustache Club. I think a lot of the members went to bat for me. Also, I reached out to past City Pages winner Chris Sorensen for support. He's clutch.

Anything else to add?

If you don't have a mustache or beard, I recommend trying one on for size. It's quite the adventure.

Meet Michael "MJ" Johnson and his 'stache
With a fellow mustache grower

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