Meet Jim Sherman and his luxurious mustache!


Jim Sherman had no idea the realm of possibility opened by his sister, Sarah, when she entered him into the City Pages Movember mustache contest last month. After seven days of voting last week, Jim, who is a piper with the Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band (awesome), emerged victorious and is now prepared to bask in adoration and claim his prizes: gift certificates to Big Top Liquors, the Men's Dept salon, and two tickets to see the MN Wild.

(The other three mustachioed gentlemen contenders will receive gift certs to Wally's Beef in Bloomington.)

We were intrigued by Jim and wanted to know more about the furry little friend on his face, so we asked him a few questions...


What's the history of this particular mustache?

Jim Sherman and his exemplary 'stache

Jim Sherman and his exemplary 'stache

Well, I've had the mustache going since the end of August. I messed up trimming the beard so it all went except for the mustache and a goatee.

Any advice to men who want to grow a mustache like yours?

Get a little comb. Its just fun to have a little comb.

What's your all-time favorite celebrity 'stache?

I think I'd have to give it up to Cesar Romero, the Joker from the 60s Batman series. He refused to shave the mustache that made him famous, so they just put make up over it!

Ever get any weird comments about your mustache?

The weirdest comment relating to the mustache actually occurred just a few days ago. This guy came up to me at Alary's and said that it looked like a "dick broom." When I said it sounded like he was looking for a dick broom, he said, "No, dude, I like girls! Yeah... I wish girls had dick brooms." Then his friends came and dragged him away.

Wow. Well, hopefully we can remedy your week with this prizepack. What will you buy at BigTop?

I'm pretty sure I'll be able to get at least a bottle of Jameson and a case of Summit. I'm a piper with the Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band and these items are necessary for the piper's diet!

Anything else to add?

Thanks a lot, I'm pretty proud to be among the mustachioed elite. When my sister Sarah told me about entering, I just thought it was going to be funny to tell people I was in a mustache contest. I'm pretty excited to have won and thanks to everyone who voted, it is you who I grew this mustache for! I hope you do this again next year, there were a lot of good entries that I'm surprised I came out on top of. I hope everyone keeps up on their mustaches!