Meddi Bah hopes to bring people together during Black Fashion Week MN

Meddi Bah

Meddi Bah Elizabeth Vue

“It all started with a booze run,” jokes event producer Meddi Bah, recounting how his Black Fashion Week MN event Opalescent came to be.

While shopping for libations, Bah ran into an old friend, who told him that a mutual friend was looking for someone to model her designs at Black Hearts Ball. Modeling in Black Hearts Ball led to modeling in Black Man Magic, where he connected with designers Tim and Thom Navarro of TIM + THOM. The two brothers assist Black Fashion MN founder Natalie Morrow with programming. So when it came time to plan this season’s BFWMN, Tim invited Bah to be part of the lineup. 

Bah has been producing events since high school, but this BFWMN event marks his first production with a more prominent line up.

Inspired by the multitude of colors that make up an opal’s distinctive beauty, Opalescent will feature a runway experience highlighting local emerging designers, celebrating diversity in the local fashion community. “If we appreciate different perspectives, we can create something even more beautiful,” says Bah.

Participating designers include Andre Williamson (Cold Climate Collection), Kendall Ray, Maya Haji (Luuli Collection), and Sydia Reeves (Diays Designs). With some guidance from the Navarros, Bah’s event will be co-produced by his team at DGT Productions and HUnT.

“If I’m going to do something, it’s going to be different,” says Bah. “The iridescence of an opal doesn’t work if it’s just one color, it has to be all of it, together.”

That sense of community building and inclusivity is a core concept that Bah plans to encourage with DGT Productions. That seems very fitting, given the collaborative spirit that came with putting this event together.

In the future, Bah hopes to connect, celebrate, and promote artists of all mediums in the Twin Cities. Rather than competing for resources and attention, he hopes to create a space that’s conducive for art and creativity.

“I’m trying to set the table so we all can eat,” he says.

7 p.m. Friday, October 4
WeWork Uptown
1330 Lagoon Ave., Minneapolis
Tickets are $20