Meat fashion is not just for Gaga

Unless you're under four it's generally not recommended that you wear what you eat. However, lately some celebrities have begun experimenting with food as fashion. Several years ago we saw lettuce dresses when Peta launched a campaign against fur, photographing celebrities in items normally found at a salad bar. Now it looks like it's meats moment to shine. Gaga has recently been seen rocking some serious beefy looks on the cover of Vogue and at MTV's VMAs. And while we don't recommend picking up a pound of ground chuck for your wardrobe tonight, there are certainly some (non-raw) items out there to help you get a meaty style.

Meat fashion is not just for Gaga

Meat Wallet

Everything is better when wrapped in bacon, right? With this wallet you can bring home the bacon with... bacon. Visit to purchase it.

Meat fashion is not just for Gaga

T-Steak Ring

Who needs sparkle when you can have blood? This ring, available on etsy, will have you craving dinner at Manny's as you type away at work.
Meat fashion is not just for Gaga

Meat Chair

Who needs naugahyde when you can rest your laurels on a throne of meat? This chair was designed by Italian artist Simone Racheli. It's an ideal gift for the guy that has everything, and a lot of extra cash.

Meat fashion is not just for Gaga

Meat Cleaver Earrings

Chandelier earrings are so over. Check out these danglers that look like they came straight from the butcher shop.
Meat fashion is not just for Gaga

Meat Cuts Dress

This one isn't a gruesome as the others, but you'll definitely get noticed regardless (and perhaps learn a little bit about choice cuts for cannibals). It's available at etsy.

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