Mary Tyler Moore statue makes top 10 list of bad public art


The Mary Tyler Moore statue may be iconic to Minnesotans, but apparently tourists are unimpressed. When put together a top 10 list of bad public art, the downtown Minneapolis piece was named number three, beating out a creepy Elizabeth Montgomery statue honoring Bewitched, a beastly, multicolored bird, and a giant pole.

[jump] Honestly, their thoughts on the statue are pretty valid:

Perhaps the real Mary Tyler Moore can turn the world on with her smile, but this one certainly can't. Looking more like a woman spinning a basketball on her finger than one throwing her hat in the air, she might not even be identifiable were it not for the plaque at the base.

Sure, it may not have the eloquence and whimsy of the Spoon Cherry, and it's probably not the best piece of public art, but at least it's classier than our notorious vagina beaver homage, and there's only one, unlike the Snoopys that pop up around town as frequently as stop signs.

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