Mary Mack, the Easter Bunny, and the Pope to wed this weekend (also, there will be comedy)

Mary Mack

Mary Mack Dena Denny

In honor of the Easter holiday, Mary Mack is marrying the Pope this weekend. Maybe.

“I mean, I am already married [to fellow comedian Tim Harmston], but that’s not a big deal,” she says of the upcoming nuptials. “But I don’t know what’s going to happen that night. The Easter Bunny might show up and cause a scene. Maybe just all three of us will get married.”

The weirdest love triangle of all time is just one of the many surprises Mack has instore for this Saturday night, as part of her Easter comedy show and album-release party at the Eagles Club.

Holiday shows are nothing new for Mack, who typically hosts an annual meat raffle and comedy Christmas event. However, after many years of “gifting” her fans with bad meat, she says that the Easter event is kind of a do-over.

“I just feel so awful about how bad all that meat was,” she squeals when asked about her questionable marketing hook. “I mean, it was really bad. Like, really bad. So hopefully this show will make up for it, and we’re going to have cheap beer.”

While she’s billing the event a digital CD-release party, her album Mrs. Taco Man was recorded nearly two years ago. She’s been selling the album privately at shows and on her website, but now she’s ready to release it into the great big world of streaming distributors.

“I think you get paid like $0.0000006 for every stream,” she says, laughing. “But I guess it’s time to send this album out into the world. It’s like sending my kid off to school. Or maybe it’s like sending my kid off to college since we’re having a party with Jell-O shots.”

In addition to her make-believe and sacrilegious special guests, Mack will also be joined by real comedians, including Tiffany Norton and Comrade Tripp.

“They’re two of the comedians who I think have improved the most since the last time I was in town,” Mack explains. “They were both really funny to begin with, but I saw them not that long ago and couldn’t believe how good they are. I’m really excited to have them on the show.”

In keeping with the variety program vibe, there will be poetry by local punk-poet Paul Dickinson, music from the Goo Goo Mucks, plus candy and an Easter egg hunt for everyone in attendance.

This is probably a good time to mention that this is not a kid-friendly event, despite the amount of childlike wonder in Mack’s voice while explaining the bizarro world she has concocted.

“When I come back to town I like to do shows that are just kind of like a big party,” she explains. “I get really stressed out about coming home for holidays, so I figured having a big party the night before Easter with people I really like spending time with would make that better.”


Mary Mack & The Easter Funny
7 p.m. Saturday, April 20
Minneapolis Eagles Club 34
$10 advance, $12 door
Click here for tickets