Mary Mack: "It Would Be a Really Classy Show If It Wasn't for All the Bad Meat"

Everyone has their own unique holiday traditions. For some, that means Christmas cards, family time, and Ralphie shooting his eye out. For others, it's about presents, booze, and refraining from shooting members of your family's eyes out. For Mary Mack, Christmas is a time for laughing with friends, singing songs, sharing poems about cats, and raffling off meat, which is exactly what she'll be doing this Tuesday night.
Mack, alongside a handful of her hilarious comedian friends, will be hosting her annual Mary Mack's North Star Comedy Hour & Meat Raffle: Christmas Edition, at Comedy Corner Underground tonight.

"It's so much fun," Mack told us this past week while preparing for the yuletide blowout. "Every year we try and do different things at this show, like music and storytelling and poetry. I call it an evening of good acts and bad meats, because we also have a meat raffle with a fake butcher. It would be a really classy show if it wasn't for all the bad meat." 

Guaranteed to be way more fun than whatever mandated family activities you've got planned for Tuesday, the variety show will feature local standouts including Maggie Faris, Jenn Schaal, Ben San Del, Chris Maddock, Tommy Ryman, Rana May, Pat Susmilch, and Julie Bane, all performing alongside Mack, who will serve as the evening's host.

Mack says the decision to hold the event at CCU came as a result of 2013's holiday overindulgence.

"Last year's show just felt too big," she says. "There were video screens and a choir and a dog sweater contest, and it was just this great big production. I'm still a little burned out from it." 

This year, Mack says she's looking forward to the cozier, more intimate space. Just because it's a smaller production, however, doesn't mean it's shrinking in talent.

"Last year was the year of the dog, so this year we're doing a small salute to cats," Mack says. "I've commissioned Jenn Schaal to write a poem about cats, so she's been interviewing her cat to prepare. Plus this year we're doing something new called 'hug and a wiener,' where everyone will get a hug and a wiener so that nobody feels left out."

While you won't be left out once you're inside the show, you may want to get there early to avoid being left outside of the club entirely, as the early performance is already sold out. 

"This isn't a very long show, only like an hour and 20 minutes. If you show up late, you might accidentally miss the whole thing," she warns.

Even with so many hilarious, crazy, and slightly weird things all happening at the same time, this week's event might actually be more like a holiday family get-together than you may realize. 

"There are a lot of people who either don't go home for Christmas, or they don't like going home, so this show has kind of become another family Christmas."


Mary Mack's North Star Comedy Hour & Meat Raffle
Tuesday, December 23 at 7 & 9 p.m.
Comedy Corner Underground