Martin Freeman shows off his Minnesotan accent in new Fargo trailer


The wait for the highly anticipated Fargo series, based off of the 1996 Coen brothers' movie, is almost over. Slated to join FX's lineup of shows this spring, Fargo takes place in the original world that the Coens created, but there's a whole new motley crew dealing with conspiracies, murder, and -- duh -- way too much snow.

Starring Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Freeman, Oliver Platt, Bob Odenkirk, Kate Walsh, and Adam Goldberg among others, the show's a who's-who of Hollywood characters who look like they're right at home as part of the town. And while the Coen brothers are only attached to the project as executive producers, their distinctive style shines through in this small screen adaptation of their wickedly twisted vision of the Midwest.

If the string of teaser trailers for the new FX series are accurate, there are going to be a hell of a lot of dead bodies to shuffle around the frozen Fargo tundra. We took a look at some of our favorites in anticipation of the show's April 14 premiere.

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According to an interview with Vulture, this will be the first time that Freeman will play an American onscreen -- strange for a guy who has played a hobbit, Sherlock Holmes's sidekick, and a galactic hitchhiker, among other things. The British actor plays Lester Nygaard (whadda Minnesoohh-tan name), a put-upon insurance salesman who seems to be birds of a feather with Jerry Lundegaard.

Freeman finally shows off his take on a Minnesotan accent in the newest trailer (and longest yet) for Fargo called "Story." But we've got to ask: Does he sound vaguely Scottish? Minnesota isn't the Land of 10,000 Lochs, but we'll wait to really pass judgment until we hear a little more from him.

Fresh from his days as Saul on Breaking Bad, Bob Odenkirk fits right in with the police squad and talks about puking spaghetti, dontcha know, while Billy Bob Thornton does what he does best -- creeping around, stirring up trouble, and making folks paranoid.

"Fishermen" harkens back to that iconic scene at the end of the film version of Fargo -- yes, the one with the woodchipper -- only this time, there's a body, a lake, a too-small fishing hole... and a chainsaw.

Like we said, Billy Bob's rocking some creepy vibes, especially in "Steak." Also, what is up with that hair?

The teaser for "Dryer" aptly indicates "Lester's life is about to tumble out of control," and shows shows Freeman sitting atop a rumbling dryer, nose bandaged, and a hammer close by. He looks guilty and, come to think of it, why is that dryer rocking so hard?