Maria Bamford releases new CD, wraps popular new web series Ask My Mom! [CLIPS]

Maria as Marilyn Bamford, her mom, on her new web series.
Maria as Marilyn Bamford, her mom, on her new web series.

In the eight months since appearing on our cover, Maria Bamford's been busy. Her November release, Special Special Special, landed on several national best of the year lists, and at the end of May, she popped up on the small screens of Netflix binge-watchers as oddball/love interest/meth addict DeBrie Bardeaux in the re-boot season of Arrested Development.

Meanwhile, major media outlets across the country have been discovering the Duluth native. Rolling Stone named her one of its 50 funniest people, and the New Yorker called her work "hilarious and surprising, and also existentially frightening."

But Bamford has more coming. She just aired the last episode in her new web mini-series, Ask My Mom!, a nine-episode advice show in which Bamford, in character as her mother, answers audience-submitted questions. And yesterday, her fourth CD, Ask Me About My New God!, hit on Comedy Central records.

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It's a re-performance of November's Special Special Special, which was shot in front of an audience of two: her parents. This time around, Bamford does the material for a full crowd, and also throws in several new tracks and a DVD of her two Comedy Central specials, from 2001 and 2007.

Both the series and the CD are classic Bamford. They feature her best character, the neurotic, lovable, subtly wise Everymom that is Maria's version of Marilyn Bamford, and they tackle her prime subject matter: How to live, or perhaps more aptly, how to survive. In the fourth episode of

Ask My Mom!

, Maria, in character, poses to her mother a question

that reads, simply, "What?


As Marilyn Bamford gazes at a microwaving sweet potato, she turns her absent-minded musings toward the philosophical. "I just think, you know, maybe we don't have to figure it all out," the character of Marilyn concludes. "You know? Maybe we just go buy some paper napkins at the Snow Goose and go to the battered women's shelter for a board meeting and come home and watch a French film on Netflix."

During one interview after AD returned, Bamford confessed that she's not quite sure about this whole acting thing. "At one point, I ordered, like, eight used books off Amazon about how to act," she admitted.

Instead of trained acting, she continued, she finds it easier to focus on the parts of herself that her character might share -- like the slight tremor that occurs naturally in her hand, that could be drawn out to be a trait of a recovering junkie like DeBrie.

Even when Bamford's guest-starring on one of the most anticipated shows of the year, and even when she's churning out both a new series and a CD, she's still, delightfully, herself.

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