March Bradness is the Brad Pitt movie tournament you never knew you needed


While college basketball March Madness provides some fleeting moments of excitement, Hannah Skibbe and Sarah Baker have created something far superior with the recent launch of March Bradness.

The concept is simple: Through a weekly podcast, they’ll be pitting every single one of Brad Pitt’s films against one another in a single-elimination tournament to decide the very best of BP.

“It was a pun that went too far,” Baker says of the podcast’s origins. “Then when we actually sat down and started counting, we realized that he’s made enough movies -- more than 50 in all -- where you can actually make a full tournament.”

While Skibbe and Baker are now on their way to becoming the premier experts for all things Brad, the two admit they were not longtime Pitt-aholics before launching the podcast.

“We think of Brad as the most mom-friendly celebrity there is,” Skibbe explains. “Neither of us really had any strong opinions on him before this, but he’s definitely the first person you think of when someone asks for a celebrity.”


(March Bradness hosts Hannah Skibbe and Sarah Baker)

The duo launched the podcast back on March 1. Together, alongside artists, writers, and musicians serving as special guests, they are watching every Brad Pitt movie, from the classics like Fight Club and Inglorious Basterds to his voice role in Happy Feet 2. Fans are invited to vote for their favorites at

While the idea of a weekly Brad Pitt movie recap may seem like it has a limited shelf-life, the hosts insist that they plan to peel back more layers of his personal life as the tournament rages on.

“Some of his movies are a reflection of what’s going on in Brad’s life,” says Baker. “Like with Mr. & Mrs. Smith, it was the beginning of his relationship with Angelina Jolie. It’s things like that we’re excited to talk about and explore when we get to some of these movies.”

Skibbe and Baker say that they have already begun to recognize some Brad tropes and character similarities that span multiple films.

“He plays very similar roles in a lot of his movies,” Skibbe explains. “You get good Brad; you get bad Brad.”

Though they have chosen to take an impartial stance on the topic of which film they want to win the tournament, both Skibbe and Baker are in agreement when it comes to their dream finale.

“We want Brad to be on the final episode to weigh in,” says Skibbe. “Like which does he prefer: Happy Feet 2 or Across the Tracks?”

Will they get Brad to pop in for the finale? Based on his past experience stopping in Minnesota, we doubt he’s psyched for a follow-up. But we can all still bask in the Bradness all month – and year – long.


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