Manufactory's grand opening party this Friday

Manufactory's grand opening party this Friday

Lyn-Lake residents and visitors alike have probably noticed the new, bright-red "shipping container" store located in the old ROBOTlove space. Though the store has already had a soft opening this summer, Manufactory will be hosting their official grand-opening party this Friday.

The shop is attached to the southern end of the Soo Visual Art Center gallery at 2648 Lyndale Avenue South in the Lyn-Lake neighborhood. Much like the space's past tenant, Manufactory will be selling unique toys and pieces of art with a whimsical to strange edge.

The store is a collaboration between artist Erin Currie (of Curster fame), designer Dave Currie, and SooVAC artist/curator Suzy Greenberg. Manufactory promises to be an interactive experience, where guests can stop in to the back room where they can watch artists placing the final touches on pieces being created before they eyes.

The opening party is this Friday, August 27 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The evening will feature prizes and refreshments from Moto-I, the space's sake-making neighbors from down the street. For more information, call 612.872.8094 or visit for open hours (the site is currently pretty sparse, but may be updated soon).

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