Mall of Entertainment in Albertville is coming for Mall of America's crown

Albertville is looking to expand its offerings beyond its outlet mall. Now it looks like it's angling to become Minnesota's next big vacation destination.

It has been christened the "Mall of Entertainment."

The project isn't 100-percent set, however. These kind of things take baby steps. Last spring the project was proposed. This week, developers moved forward with City Council on obtaining an environmental study south of 70th Street and north of Interstate 94.

If this thing happens, it's going to be huge. From the project's official website:

"Black Forest LLC is building a world-class entertainment venue in Albertville, MN, that will feature an interactive indoor waterpark, an exploration-based out of home adventure, a Sony Pictures Entertainment Back-Lot edutainment experience, and a 275 room Marriot Hotel and convention center.

The epic mall thing is tentatively set to open -- at least to some extent -- in 2019. 

"The destination will be a special place where parents and children go to spend time together while they play, jump, climb, explore, and learn about our world through the incredible and often breathtaking experiences," the website continues. "And when they’re done exploring, they can go behind the scenes of some of the greatest films in history and create their own movies at the Sony Pictures back-lot experience. Finally, when they’re finished with the jungles of Madagascar or basking in the glory of stardom they can cool off in the Twin Cities only completely interactive indoor waterpark."

That's a lot of promises, mall.

No applications have been filed for zoning yet, and things are still in the planning stage. 

“This is just the first step, and we thank you for your action tonight,” development planner Anne Hurlburt stated at Monday night's meeting.