Mall of America might get 2nd biggest water park in N. America

Splish, splash.

Splish, splash. DLR Group

Water: It accounts for roughly 60 percent of your body, one-fifth of the world doesn't have enough of it, and it primes plastic slides for slick, wild rides. Those are the three facts about water, and Mall of America may seize on the third one.

Bloomington's Port Authority just announced revised plans for a 250,000-square-foot, $240-ish million water park on MOA's north side. It'd be North America's second-biggest indoor water park, the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal reports, and construction could begin as soon as 2019. 

Under the plan, Bloomington would ink a 40-year lease with MOA's owner, Canadian firm Triple Five Group, but a city-run nonprofit would own the water park. The project would be funded by ticket sales, the Biz Journal reports; the city would need around $50 million to build a new parking ramp, one that would be constructed with car-less future uses in mind (housing, etc.). 

Triple Five owns the West Edmonton Mall, North America's largest shopping complex that's also home to World Waterpark, the globe's second-largest such attraction. If it's anything like its Canadian sibling, the MOA park could boast ziplining (a favorite activity of Minneapolis' mayor), surfing, and video game-integrated slides. 

Bloomington's Port Authority and City Council will convene Thursday to discuss all things water park, the Biz Journal reports. None of this is good news for Great Wolf Lodge, which operates its own large-scale indoor water park about two blocks away from the proposed site. 

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