Magic is real, y'all! Quidditch double-header is coming to Minnesota

Yeah, people play Quidditch in real life.

Yeah, people play Quidditch in real life. Isabella Gong

Harry Potter fans, you know what I am talking about.

For the muggles reading this, Quidditch is a team sport featured in the Harry Potter books and movies where wizards take to the sky on their brooms (preferably a Nimbus 2000) and play a game that is a mashup of water polo, dodgeball, and capture the flag.

You'll be able to see how it's played IRL live when four teams come to town for a double-header exhibition match at Blaine's National Sports Center. 

On Saturday, June 23, Kansas City Stampede, a Major League Quidditch team (yes, that is a thing), will face off against the unaffiliated Minnesota Voyageurs. That will be followed by a match where the Minnesota Wind Chill duke it out against the Pittsburgh Thunderbirds.

Here's how the game is played in the magical realm: Keepers guard their team's goal posts (which are hoop-shaped contraptions in the sky) while chasers attempt to toss a ball, aka a quaffle, past them. Meanwhile, beaters play defense for their teams, throwing bludgers at opponents as they try to score. While all this is going on, seekers attempt to catch the Golden Snitch, a tiny flying contraption about the size of a ping-pong ball. When the Snitch is caught, the game is over (a ridiculous amount of points also go to the team that catches it).

So yeah, that's not exactly what will be happening at the National Sports Center in Blaine. There are brooms, but there's no flying; players will be on the ground of the field. But chasers still attempt to get their volleyball-like ball past keepers, who are guarding a goal. Beaters still still try to hit them with dodgeball-style balls. Seekers, however, are after a person dressed in yellow, aka the Golden Snitch personified. This person runs around a set parameter attempting not to get tagged by either team. 

Tickets to the upcoming game are $10 presale, $12 at the door. It's free for kids 18 and under, though, making this a fun afternoon for the kiddos. You can find tickets here