Maggie Faris promises funny hats and cookies (maybe!) at Sisyphus' Pride Comedy Show

Maggie Faris

Maggie Faris St. Paul Photo Co.

Maggie Faris isn’t just trying to create a comedy show during Pride week -- she wants to have a party.

“I love doing fun, gimmicky things at my shows,” she laughs while talking about her LGBTQ Pride Comedy Show, taking place this Friday night at Sisyphus. “Maybe I’ll give everyone silly hats, or maybe I’ll bake cookies for everyone. I’ll definitely have some surprises up my sleeve.”

Gimmicks aside, the show this weekend is stacked with some of the best LGBTQ comedians from Minnesota and surrounding areas, including Faris, Jakey Emmert, Sarah McPeck, Wendy Berkowitz, Madi Tentinger, Jacob Randall, and Jan Syverson.

“I wanted a combination of comics who are fairly well-known around town, and some people who regular comedy goers have never seen before,” she explains.

Faris has been a staple of the Twin Cities comedy scene for years, headlining clubs and earning laughs from even the choosiest comedy fans. This week’s show, however, is not going to be your average audience.

“I think that people in marginalized groups overall don’t tend to go to comedy shows very regularly, and maybe they aren’t necessarily as savvy to the comedy scene in town,” she says. “But that’s what makes this show great. There are so many people coming to town, and we get to show off some really funny comedians and have a lot of fun.”

Creating her own opportunities for comedy is nothing new for Faris. Four years ago, she found herself having trouble getting booked for New Year’s Eve. Instead of giving in or finding a little corner bar in some remote town to perform, she began putting together an annual East Coast-style New Year’s Eve show, complete with booby prizes, multiple balloon drops, and other little surprises. The show has been a huge success, and was part of the reason why Faris decided to put together a Pride event.

“Sisyphus was looking to do something this week, but weren’t really sure how to do it,” she explains. “I had been thinking about putting together another show, and figured that Pride was great because it’s in the middle of the year, so when I reached out it was perfect timing.”

While the show is certainly not the only comedy night in town this weekend, it is the one located closest to Loring Park, making it a perfect place to wander on foot after checking out the other festivities. And as for those cookies Faris mentioned? They are definitely a possibility.

“Maybe I’ll make rainbow cookies this time.”


Pride Comedy Show
Sisyphus Brewing
7 and 9 p.m. Friday, June 22
Click here for tickets