Madame Giggles' Whack Shack offers crafty kink

What badges have you earned?
What badges have you earned?
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Last weekend, Grumpy's in Roseville hosted the Minnesota Stocks, Debentures, & Bonds' (MSDB) 12th Annual Bizarre Bazaar. The event also doubled as a silent auction for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.

The general consensus among vendors was that more folks sell their handcrafted wares at the yearly bazaar than at other shows across the country. From whips and collars by leathercrafter Sir Galaxy of D'sensual Products, to erotic literature from Dreamhaven Books, to on-the-spot leather restoration from Bootblack Kai, to toys from Toolworks Chicago, the company that made Anastasia Pierce's sparkling drill dildo last seen at Jean Bardot's 2011 Fetish Ball, there seemed to be something for every BDSM desire.

City Pages was in attendance at the event, and we were fortunate enough to be able to sit down with Madame Giggles' Whack Shack, based out of southern Minnesota, to find out more about their irresistible rabbit floggers. (You can also check out our alternative gift-giving guide and slideshow for those hard (or easy) to please kinksters on your list this holiday season.)

Tell us how you got into making these floggers?

The bunny floggers were a bit of serendipity. The hubby and I would pick up interesting looking stuff we came across. We got some weighted cord at a clearance sale with no particular plan in mind for it. Some time later, we got some really beautiful bunny hides from a leather vendor at a flea market. I've got a bit of a thing for fur and satin and such, and I saw a bunny flogger I didn't really like -- it was too light to feel like much. So I came up with the idea of incorporating the weighted cord. The result was fabulous, as you've seen.

Madame Giggles' Whack Shack rabbit floggers
Madame Giggles' Whack Shack rabbit floggers
B FRESH Photography

So what was it like making your first toy?

I started making my own toys 15 years or so ago after buying my first flogger online. I got it for $50 from a reputable vendor, and it was a real disappointment: very stiff, no balance, kind of ugly. I thought I could do better.

I got a piece of deer hide, but I didn't know what to do to counter-weight it. So, I got an eight-inch-long carriage bolt. Then I cut a fringe with the deer hide and wrapped it around the bolt, which worked pretty well. We worked on our process, refined it some, and prettied it up a bit. Our friends really liked them, and asked us if they could buy some and suggested that we sell them. I believe that our first attempt at selling toys was at the third Bizarre Bazaar.

What is the process for making your products? Do you have a studio? Can people come and see the products at a shop?

I make my toys in my home. We tore out a wall so that the work room and living room could be one big space. That allows me to spend time with the hubby, watch movies, sit in my recliner, and work on products. Friends come over to road-test the toys, and to work in the workshop. 

Toolworks Chicago drill dildo
Toolworks Chicago drill dildo
B FRESH Photography

We're not really open to the public, but arrangements can be made if someone in the area wants to see things in person before buying. My toys aren't in any shops, as most of my bunny sales are custom orders. There are all kinds of options for length and colors and weights. I can usually get a custom bunny flogger out in two to three weeks.

What type of customers do you get? Who is interested in a rabbit flogger?

The bunny floggers get a lot of attention, becasue they aren't something you see every day.  Folks who buy them are those who enjoy the silky, sensual feel of using them as draggy toys and/or those who enjoy a lot of thud. I've had a few folks buy them as gifts for their "guy/gal who has everything" friends.

Some folks like the idea, but don't like fur as they find it really creepy.  I have made faux-bunny floggers for some of these folks. There are fake furs today that are really soft and silky.

To learn more about Madame Giggles' Whack Shack, visit

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