Macy's gives the kiss of death to its downtown Minneapolis location


No one is publicly talking about it, but it looks like the flagship Macy's on Nicollet Mall is probably marked for death.

In August, the department store announced that it would be closing 100 shops, but didn't specify which ones those would be. The new speculation that the Minneapolis destination is on the chopping block comes after a Cincinnati business journal, where Macy's is based, posted a list of the 150 stores it believes are likely to stay open.

Mall of America, Southdale, and Ridgedale all made the list. Downtown was no where to be seen.

Twin Cities Business also has multiple anonymous sources that claim stockholders and the city have been notified of its pending closing:

"Cincinnati-based Macy’s Inc. Has informed the City of Minneapolis and key downtown stakeholders that it intends to close its flagship store on Nicollet Mall in 2017, and that it has no plans to maintain a retail presence there..."

While things don't look good for the spot, there are still a few longshot outcomes, including the possibility that the Minneapolis location would simply downsize from its current multi-floor set up. That may not be enough to attract customers and turn a profit, however, as the downtown area has been moving away from destination shop boxes toward asphalt-level retail and condos.

The store opened in 1902. An anouncement is expected to be made early next year.