MAC cosmetics is also out. Are you okay, Uptown?

Pictured: MAC cosmetics, lease sign

Pictured: MAC cosmetics, lease sign Google Street

The corner of Lake Street and Hennepin is going through a lot right now.

Late last week, City Pages reported that the Urban Outfitters space is listed online as available for lease. Upon taking a closer look at Cushman & Wakefield’s realtor site, we discovered that the MAC cosmetics storefront is up for sublease.

According to the specs brochure, there’s no availability date and rates would be negotiable. The 2922 Hennepin Ave. S. retail location is a mere 920 square feet, and at the intersection of the two main Uptown drags.

MAC cosmetics has yet to respond about if, when, and why they are vacating, but Uptown is a shopping district fated to always be in flux. Recent years have seen chains like H&M, Moxie hotels, and a Sephora pop up, and the McDonald’s was given a glam makeover. Meanwhile, a handful of bars and restaurants, plus retailers like North Face and Columbia, have failed to make things work in the neighborhood. Calhoun Square has struggled to retain tenants, and the massive former GAP/Victoria’s Secret space, right across from MAC, has remained empty for around two years.

MAC cosmetics has been in the space for well over a decade, and was one of the few consistently busy stores in the area.