Lutefisk Sushi: Now podcasting

Folks who love local comics already know all about the Lutefisk Sushi series, an anthology published sporadically featuring Minnesota cartoonists. The most recent issue, Lutefisk Sushi D, was a bento box filled with an epic amount of mini-comics.

The people behind the ongoing project, International Cartoonist Conspiracy, have joined forces with Altered Esthetics (the gallery that hosts its publication parties) and the Nordeast Comics Summit to create a podcast filled interviews and the latest news in Minnesota comics.

The show, hosted by Danno Klonowski, began last fall and is now up to its 14th episode. Each segment features interviews from local talent. Past pieces have included artists such as Kevin Cannon, Daniel J.Olson, Erik Nelson, and MAXEEM.

The recordings also include bits from the Nordeast Comics Summit, a monthly get together where cartoonists shares tips and tricks on working in the industry.

Folks interesting in listening to the free podcast can visit The Nordeast Comics Summit is held on the first Thursday of the month starting at 6 p.m. at 1618 Central Ave. NE (above Diamond's) in Minneapolis.

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