Love and Information: It's All Too Much

Even after a couple of days to decompress, I'm still not sure what to make of Frank Theatre's Love and Information.

The Caryl Churchill play is such a dense, overwhelming creation. Five dozen scenes, some as short as a few seconds, unfurl before us like some demented version of Laugh In. Some scenes have punch lines. One just has a character running through part of the multiplication table as a kind of jump-rope chant.

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The fiercely innovative and provocative Churchill has modern-day information overload on her mind here, and watching the play is somewhat akin to checking out your Facebook feed. There are lots of little bursts of information that are presented with just enough context to be intriguing, but not actually illuminating. (The play has fewer videos of kittens doing cute things, to be fair.)

Lots of the individual moments are quite engaging. There's the trio of screaming girls who need to know everything about their favorite pop star, and are flustered when they can't work out his favorite smell. Another crafts what looks like an election debate over the nature of rational and irrational numbers.

Director Wendy Knox and a company of more than a dozen actors work hard to keep each scene, each moment, as fresh as the last one. But like surfing the internet aimlessly for hours instead of say, writing a theater review, the barrage of information (which also includes snatches of music between all of the scenes) eventually becomes so overwhelming that the scenes just flow together.

That means that the bits in the first half of the show end up remaining clearer in the mind than those in the second. The actors are still working hard, but the moments just don't stick in the mind anymore.


Love and Information Through February 22 Ritz Theater 345 13th Ave. NE, Minneapolis $22-$25 For tickets and more information, call 612-724-3760 or visit online.