Look fab at next week's 'Golden Girls' bar crawl with these tips


The Golden Girls is probably the greatest sitcom of our time, and you know it.

Longtime fans may be a little salty about the fact that their favorite TV show is now popular enough to show up frequently on Buzzfeed, it's great that many are now learning the ways of the Girls, and keeping the show where it belongs: in syndication forevermore.

Golden Girls Bar Crawl

The Pourhouse

Next Saturday (May 13), the fine folks at Flip Phone are hosting a Golden Girl-themed bar crawl, giving fans and enthusiasts the chance to don their best pastel suits and celebrate Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia. What could be better than bars and the crew? NOTHING. Truly.

At the beginning of the event, they’ll try to set a Guinness Book World Record for the most people dressed as Golden Girls under one roof, so if you wanna go, you better get planning on your look. (You can find tickets and details about the happening on the event's Facebook page.)

Substitute teacher Dorothy Zbornak is a big fan of statement earrings. She wears a certain pair of giant Chanel Cs in several episodes; the big earrings complement her short hair. Channel Dorothy in the aforementioned earrings, plus a loose, structure-free blazer jacket and a pair of flowing pants or a long maxi skirt and flat boots. She’s almost always wearing cool tones like purple, mint green, grey, or soft blue, and sticks with a neutral lip color. If you’re really feeling ambitious, recreate Dorothy’s finale wedding dress by spray-painting some cut up toilet paper rolls white and gluing them to a thrift store wedding dress. Don’t forget your sarcastic wit. You’re a star in our eyes, even if you don’t get on Jeopardy! (Bonus points if you bring your own version of Stan.)

Minnesota’s very own Rose Nylund of St. Olaf loves good-girl pastel coordinates. Rose is always wearing a certain color head-to-toe; she looks especially great in blush pink. You could go for sporty-casual Rose vibes in a sweatshirt (solid colors preferred) and matching jeans, or glam it up like special-occasion Rose in a drop-waisted sparkly sequin dress. Mid-length is usually her jam. (Lots of these can be spotted at thrift stores, and Golden Pearl Vintage has a few Rose-style dresses.) Fluff up your blonde curls, slip on a rosy pink lipstick, add pearls, and start telling your friends St. Olaf stories.

Are you the sexpot of your friend group? If you’re dressing up as Blanche Elizabeth Deveraux (BED) for the bar crawl, find a long satin nightgown in a seductive shade of peach and pair it with a matching flowing robe. Nighttime is when Blanche really shines, you know. Otherwise, go for jewel tones like sapphire, topaz, or emerald in sexy, slinky fabrics. Be sure to talk in a Southern accent!

Sophia Petrillo, the wisecracking Italian mother of Dorothy, is probably the easiest Golden Girl to dress up as. That's partly because of her iconic accessories: big glasses and her go-to wicker purse, which she’s basically always carrying. Sophia usually wears a simple knee-length dress with a cardigan, giving new meaning to old-lady chic. If you wanna gain the respect of hardcore fans, get a basic red crewneck sweatshirt and applique “I’m Ready! Take Me Hurricane!” on it like Sophia does in one episode. But if you’re rolling in as Sophia, you need that wicker purse. Start prowling the thrift stores today. Stay golden!