LOL/OMG to host their fourth social media party


If you're a regular commenter on a website, from Gawker to Livejournal to Secrets of the City, then you probably have some cyberspace friends. You know, those people that make you laugh when they comment, the ones who make the point you wanted to more succinctly, and whose personal stories make you wonder if they are actually in your head. This Thursday, instead of hosting an internet party, a.k.a. drinking beer on tinychat, why not head on over to the 501 and party it up in real life?

[jump] Pick your internet addiction: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, local blogs--you name it. Whatever site it is that makes you hit "refresh" a million times, you are cordially invited by the people at LOL/OMG. For those unfamiliar with site, the blog covers local social media, and is a sister project to the glamorous l'etoile magazine.

Why should you leave your apartment and the warm glow of the laptop monitor for this event? Well for starters, there will be free booze. That's right. Be sure to check in on Foursquare, then the bartender for a free shot. There will also be rock 'n' roll. The lineup includes Lookbook's Grant Cutler, experimental sound and visuals from Byzantine Beatbox, and new wave rockers Mercurial Rage.

The fourth installment of LOL/OMG Social Media Meetup and Rock Show is at the 501 Club (501 Washington Ave. S., Minneapolis). Sorry tweeners, but this event is 21+. For more info, visit