Local felt artists create whimsical and wearable art

​Felt is a great medium for a whole host of fabulous things. From handbags, to iPod cases, to accessories, to hats, the wonders of felt can be enjoyed all year round, but especially now when the weather turns icy and cold. There are plenty of exceptional felt creations made by local artists, perfect for warming up your wardrobe (or personal mp3 player), or for giving this holiday season. Check out a few of our fun felt finds by local artists after the jump.

Lucky Nielsen of Happy Go Lucky Creations

Just when you thought creations from felt couldn't get any better, they do. Lucky's painstaking raw-wool needle felting results time and time again in sweetly detailed mushroom homes for her gnome Nora, and other enchanting scenes in a wonderfully felted world. The whimsical scenes Lucky felts are extraordinary and super cute. 

Regan K. Saunders of Regansbrain

Regan uses recycled felt to create imaginative and striking silhouettes on her handmade pillows. Whether it's Hitchcock's profile with a bird on the brain, Holly Golightly, Hemingway, or a handsome buck, her felted designs are one-of-a-kind, and a great way to add color, literally and figuratively, to your space.

On Renae's Etsy shop, Trigo, you will find lovely upcycled items, including her clever eyeball pincushion ring and super cute pickle tin ornament, both made with felt. The pincushion ring is quite stylish and handy, and the Christmas Pickle is said to bring good luck to whoever finds it hidden in the tree full or ornaments (said to be an old German tradition).

For more on each of these felt wizards, stop by their websites and Etsy pages. Or even better yet, stop by the upcoming No Coast Craft-O-Rama next weekend, December 3 and 4, at the Midtown Global Market. In the meantime, it wouldn't hurt to take one minute this holiday week to be thankful for felt.