Local fashion blogs we love


Our lovely Twin Cities are brimming with creative minds, and with that we get wildly-creative blogs. However, there may be some cool blogs out there that you don't know about yet, so we've put together a little showcase of great Minnesota sites with a focus on fashion.

First on our list is Amy Gee with Flash Revolutions. Amy is a locally-based photographer with a knack for taking beautiful, naturally-lit pictures. Her blog showcases her personal style, some of her photo work, and inspirational pieces. Particularly great are her posts that show off thrifty finds and local steals. Be sure to check out Amy's alternate blog as well, which features her photography at amygeephoto.blogspot.com.

Next we have Mpls.St.Paul Magazine's style editor Melissa Colgan with Tulle & Plume. We love her site for its ultra feminine aesthetic. Colgan posts sweet editorials, cute little illustrations, and fun interior design inspiration. She also lists of a few "things that make her infinitely happy" on her blog, which makes us love her more because it includes things like allium, peonies, crysanthemums, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jane Birkin, J. Crew, and coffee table books. Truly a girl after our own hearts.

Local fashion blogs we love
Elizabeth Dehn photo by Megan Norman

Elizabeth Dehn's blog, Beauty Bets, is self-described as "one girl's guide to the good life"--and that's exactly what it is. Dehn offers helpful posts about such topics as "co-op beauty buys that don't smell like patchouli," "three French beauty secrets that don't require dieting," and "how to cure a hangover, Sante Fe style." In addition to these hints and tips, Dehn does a "Real Beauty" feature in which she interviews Minneapolis women about their favorite products, skincare routines, fragrances, and other advice to help make us lovely.

Local fashion blogs we love
Corey Tenold of Trnds

And then there is Trnds. Trnds is one of the few--or only--blogs in the Twin Cities that focuses on menswear. We recently spoke to founder Corey Tenold about his blog (the Q&A can be found here). The blog is a well-curated site that is always on the cutting edge of what's new in mens' fashion, both locally and globally. So attention style-phobic dudes: Trnds.com may be a good place to start if you want to gain some fashion insight, from man to man.

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