Local contestant hopes to break Jeopardy! record

Local contestant hopes to break Jeopardy! record
Drew Horwood on Jeopardy!

The past two weeks of Jeopardy! have been a good run so far for Drew Horwood, as the Maple Grove native has won $138,000 over the past eight days. Tonight's game presents Horwood with a very unique opportunity, as only two other contestants over the past 29 years have won for over nine days in a row.

Over the past couple days, the systems analyst at Cargill has succeeded in blind guessing on a Final Jeopardy! question the first evening (Question: In this novel, the title character says, 'It's a bad omen,' after a guard does not hear a train and is crushed. Answer: Tolstoy's

Anna Karenina

), and even made bank on a question pertaining to Prince protege Appolonia. 

"I was lucky enough to land a question about Prince," he said in a recent post on the Star Tribune. "I doubt I'd have been let back into the state if I got that one wrong."

Horwood formerly worked as an intern for Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who has been tweeting her support each day.

"Congrats again 2 my fmr intern @DrewHorwood on his 6 day winning streak on @Jeopardy! Will b cheering u on tmrw. Thx 4 shout-out last night," she enthused earlier this week.

Should he win tonight's game, his next marker will be to beat Dave Madden's 19-game winning streak. After that, he might need to quit his job to break the next record: all-time champ (post-1980 reboot) Ken Jennings lasted a mind-boggling 74 days.

This evening's show starts at 4:30 p.m. on KARE-11. 

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