Local comedians and friends work on their apologies thanks to the 'We Cool?' podcast

'We Cool?' Podcast

'We Cool?' Podcast

Comedians Grant Winkels, Tommy Bayer and Ryan Kahl have a lot to be sorry for. So much, in fact, that they decided to start a podcast in order to seek forgiveness for their past misdeeds.

“We realized that the world really doesn’t need another podcast with three straight white men screaming at each other,” explains Winkels. “So we came up with a premise to apologize for anything and everything we’ve ever done, and to also demand apologies from anyone we feel has wronged us.”

The aptly titled, “We Cool?” allows the boys to confess to their transgressions. Except for Kahl, who insists he has nothing to contribute.

“One of the best parts for me is coming into the studio and wondering, ‘What am I sorry for?’ Then realizing I’m not sorry for anything and letting Grant and Tommy fill that in.”

In addition, the show features guest comics and listeners submissions, which range from the weirdly sexual (a recent episode featured a listener who caught their boyfriend cheating on them with their sister, so they framed their sister to get caught having sex by their parents) to the genuinely sad (like comedian Chris Maddock apologizing for accidentally killing his cat).

“There aren’t enough people apologizing for things these days,” says Winkels. “We try and keep it funny, but occasionally it’s okay to get genuine once in a while, too.”

“People want to get things off of their chests,” insists Kahl. “It’s the same reason the Zodiac Killer wrote letters to the police. I’m actually still hoping he writes in at some point.”

The podcast has developed a dedicated listenership over the past few months, and now the boys are giving fans the chance to apologize in person. This Saturday, they’ll be hosting a live recording of We Cool? at Sisyphus Brewing, complete with all of the guilt, rage, and remorse you could ever ask for.

“We’re going to throw out a few apologies of our own, but then we’re going to have apology-comment cards on each table so that people can fill them out and drop them in a box on stage for us to read,” says Winkels.

“We also plan to spend a good amount of the show bullying Tommy, so that should be fun for everyone,” adds Kahl.

Though the guys insist that their stories and apologies are all true, they are also quick to point out that they have no intent on actually bettering themselves as human beings based on the podcast.

“We haven’t actually reflected at all,” explains Winkels. “We don’t want to better ourselves.”

Adds Kahl, “We all look like liberal soyboys, but we truly are monsters.”

As for the future of We Cool?, Kahl says that they have plans to keep their pipeline of remorse primed for a long, long time.

“We’re just going to have to do some horrible things so we don’t run out of content,” he says. “It’s the only way.”

Check out all episodes of “We Cool?” on Apple, Spotify or YouTube, and follow the guys at @wecoolpodcast on Twitter.


We Cool? Live Podcast
Sisyphus Brewing
Saturday, Oct. 3, 8 p.m.
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