Local artists: Surly wants your work, willing to pay in $$$ + beer

Surly Darkness posters from Brandon Holt, DWITT, and Josh Lemke

Surly Darkness posters from Brandon Holt, DWITT, and Josh Lemke Surly Brewing Co.

If you're a Minnesota artist, particularly one who's metal as fuck, Surly Brewing Co. has a gig for you.

The local micro-brew giant recently put out a call for artists interested in designing work for SurlyFest, the Darkness brew/event, and Surly's upcoming 11th anniversary beer.

The artwork will be featured on cans, bottles, posters, T-shirts, and related Surly ephemera; compensation will be of the monetary and sudsy varieties. 

"We need to see portfolios folks, and we’re looking for you to show us how Surly you are -- why would your art represent Surly Nation? How is what you do connected to our beer?" the ad reads. "If you are interested, like Surly beer, and don’t suck at art, send some info about yourself, your connection with Surly and examples of your previous work (links to your portfolio, etc.)"

March 17 is the deadline for submissions; get more info here. Past Surly-affiliated artists include Brandon Holt, Erica Williams, Adam Turman, and others.

Surly saw a sizable shakeup at its massive Minneapolis brewplex last October. That's when its founding brewmaster, metalhead mad scientist Todd Haug, left the company on shaky terms