Local artist Phil Hansen gives TED Talk, wants you to call him

Local artist Phil Hansen gives TED Talk, wants you to call him

When Minnesota artist Phil Hansen developed a tremor in his hand as a student in art school, he was devastated. However, he began to reconsider his outlook after a doctor, who diagnosed him with nerve damage, told him to "embrace the shake." What followed was a new era in creativity for Hansen.

He was once exclusively a pointillist artist, but his new condition forced him to consider a variety of different approaches to creating art. The artist tried painting portraits with his feet, created a two-dimensional image on a wooden sculpture using a blow torch, painted pieces using only karate chops, designed images using spat-out food, and employed other unusual methods.

Hansen recently gave an inspirational TED Talk about how his limitations forced him to be more creative. "You must first be limited in order to be limitless," he says.

The video of the TED Talk is below:

Hansen has a new project, which is being funded via


, that welcomes people to share their own personal experiences overcoming limitations. So far, he has 231 backers, and has raised $11,212 of a $8,038 goal. The text of the stories will eventually be worked into a large-scale piece by the artist.

Interested in telling your story? You can call him at 651.321.4996, and become a part of his final work, the process of which can be watched via live feed. You can get an idea of what the final piece will look like in this video below featuring a previous project by Hansen. 

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