Living well: Take a page from the Twin Cities, says Huff Po

Our fitness and love of nature help us live well
Our fitness and love of nature help us live well

Huffington Post recently launched a series on living well and how to do it, examining what folks in various cities around the country are doing right. Their latest piece takes a look at the Twin Cities to see why we tend to end up at the top of so many nationwide surveys ranking cities based on health, wealth, and general awesomeness.

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So why are we living right? Nature and our appreciation of it plays a big part, apparently. The piece sites several surveys where Twin Cities residents rank high, including our great parks, our active metropolitan population (about 83 percent of us are getting 30-plus minutes of exercise a day, despite the cold winter months), and our 12,000 lakes.

No, you read that right. From the piece:

"Technically the slogan is 'land of 10,000 lakes,' but everyone from Minnesota knows it's closer to 12,000," says HuffPost editor and native Minnesotan, Jordan Turgeon. We're not just taking her word for it -- an official government survey put the number of lakes at 11,842 statewide.

Our smoke-free bars and work places, our love of books and reading, our affordable rent fees, and solid employment rates also made the list reasoning why we're so damn happy.

To see the complete list and reasoning behind our happiness, you can read the full article here.

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