Live Action Set wants to make you happy

These colors are making us happy already

These colors are making us happy already

You deserve to be happy. No, really, don't sell yourself short. The boundary-pestering performers of Live Action Set couldn't agree more, and their The Happy Show, opening tonight at Bedlam Theatre, promises to entertain, beguile, and feed you. So turn that frown upside down. 

The show takes you all throughout Bedlam, where a troupe of players perform something called the ancient Ritual of Happiness. The festivities include theater performance, music, dance, and food. Live Action set has always pushed the conventions of theater into funny, physical, and emotionally intense performances. In short, they might really be able to make you happy. 

For some context, this is the company that created Please Don't Blow Up Mr. Boban, the weirdly intense war fable that was a huge Fringe hit, as well as last year's haunting My Father's Bookshelf, which depicted elliptically the erosion of a man's mind from Alzheimer's Disease. 

This is also local audiences' last chance for the time being to catch cast-member Noah Bremer; he's joining Cirque du Soleil (reportedly in a significant role) for a European tour of its show Varekai. Bremer is a trained clown, and provides us with a concrete example that perhaps all that clowning around will pay off. 

The Happy Show opens tonight and plays through May 15. Performances are at Bedlam Theatre, 1501 6th Street South, Minneapolis. For tickets call 612.341.1038 or click here