Lil Bub's dude Mike Bridavsky on his celebrity cat's star quality

Lil Bub and Mike Bridavsky at the Internet Cat Video Film Festival.
Lil Bub and Mike Bridavsky at the Internet Cat Video Film Festival.
Bre McGee

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Internet Cat Video Film Festival purrs into Minnesota

The first-ever Internet Cat Video Film Festival was obviously a raging success with 10,000-plus people, folks dressed as cats, actual cats lounging in the grass, and the sweet melodic sound of public LOLing.

And the videos! There was Boots and Cats, two different versions of Nyan Cat, a DJ cat like Keyboard Cat and, oh, Henri!

As with any film festival, one of the guilty pleasures is celebrity gawking. If you didn't spot the famous Lil Bub in her diminutive, bright-eyed glory, you sadly missed out.

Here she is, amid the fans and cameras:

Lil Bub amid the paparazzi.
Lil Bub amid the paparazzi.
Bre McGee

Bub was there with her dude Mike Bridavsky to film a "Lil Bub & Friendz" documentary by VICE. By the time we caught up with them at the end of the festival, both looked slightly stunned. "We've taken so many pictures," Bridavsky said. "It's been a little overwhelming."

Fortunately, we interviewed Bridavsky all about Bub before the festival.

How did Lil Bub become so famous?

Honestly, she became famous from photos and blogs, and the videos were sort of an afterthought. Once she started getting really famous, then she became popular on YouTube.

How long have you had Bub?

I got her almost a year ago, when she was two months old. She has no teeth, a short jaw, dwarfism, her limbs are short, and she's only four pounds. My friend sent me a picture of her because my friend's sister needed to find her a home. She was part of a feral litter out in the woods -- she was the runt. A lot of people were scared to take her in because they thought she would require a lot of medical attention, but she's pretty healthy.

I really felt blessed, and I was like, 'This might be one of the most unique, coolest cats I've ever seen.'

You and Bub seem to have a very special relationship.

She talks to me, she tells me when it's time to eat, she likes to clean my beard. I've been taking down photos of me [on the blog], though, because it's about Bub and not about me.

How did she get the name 'Lil Bub'?

My friend and I call each other 'Bub' all the time and I started calling her 'Bub,' too.

What's Bub's personality like?

She's a very bright cat. She's smart and she has a lot of confidence. She's very self-unaware. She has these deformities, but she doesn't let it get to her.

Is Bub a celebrity in your hometown of Bloomington, Indiana?

Around town, people want to see her and give her a lot of attention. My friends love Bub, and everyone's very supportive.

Did you ever expect her to become such a star worldwide?

I didn't expect her to become such a star. She's really amazing and I knew that, but I didn't expect her to become so famous.

I think it's important to add that Bub is one of a kind -- she's spayed and she wasn't bred that way. [Bridavsky gets lots of requests to breed Bub.] She's just a happy accident.

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