Lightsey Darst gets dark with her new book 'Find the Girl'


Lightsey Darst is a busy woman. An artist recently featured on the local television show MN Original, she is not only a poet, but a dance critic, English instructor, and a ballet dancer (not professionally). This past April, Coffee House Press published Darst's first full-length book of poetry--and it's dark.


Find the Girl focuses on the strange time between girlhood and womanhood by using tales from the past and the realities of today's society. From her website, "...Darst's poems draw from both the oldest tales and the current vein of child/young woman endangerment horror -- recalling and responding to true crime exposés, pulp detective fiction, classic fables, modern novels like The Lovely Bones, and TV shows like Law & Order." Characters in her pieces range from mythical Helen of Troy to the very real JonBenet Ramsey to the fairytale princess Snow White, and explore society's ongoing fixation of women and children in peril.

This Wednesday, November 10 at 4 p.m., Darst will read and discuss Find the Girl at the University of Minnesota Bookstore (300 Washington Ave. SE, Minneapolis). She will sign books afterward.

For more information, visit the bookstore's website, or visit Darst's blog. Her segment on MN Original can be found here.