Leviticus Tattoo offering cheap tattoos this weekend. What could go wrong?



Probably nothing, if you plan ahead a bit.

Tattoo pioneer Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins would have been 107 today. As the patron saint of tattoos, his iconic work was bold, colorful, and celebrated the wild times of a life lived at sea. Think sailing ships, compasses, symbols representing luck, and pretty ladies.

In honor of his birthday, Leviticus Tattoo will be offering tattoos in his style for $107 this Saturday. The event starts at noon, with a dozen or so artists on hand inking patrons late into the night with classic birds, anchors, ships, and stars.

Parkway Pizza will be providing nosh to keep artists and customers full.

They won't be taking reservations; the event is walk-ins only. For the deal, you'll have to choose a piece from the event lookbook. You can check out some of their offerings via their Facebook photo page.


$107 Sailor Jerry Tattoos
Leviticus Tattoo
4109 E. Lake St., Minneapolis; 612-729-1475
Noon to late Saturday