Leviticus Tattoo, Mpls Tattoo offer Sailor Jerry birthday deals

You might not know who Sailor Jerry is, but you can probably recognize his style of tattoo. As a body art pioneer, Normal Keith Collins (a.k.a. Sailor Jerry) traveled the world via rail and sea, tattooing prisoners and sailors with pieces inspired by his travels to Asia, Hawaii, and California. Although he died in 1973, his influence can still be seen today in tats on hipsters, rock stars, and retro chicks.

To celebrate his 103rd birthday, two Twin Cities tattoo shops are offering deals on ink.

This week through January 21, Mpls Tattoo Shop (2211 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis; 612-875-6717) will be celebrating Sailor Jerry by offering flash tattoo deals in various sizes. Small works will be priced $50 to $70, palm-sized pieces will cost you $80 to $100, and pinups will set you back $150 to $250. Calling to make an appointment is best, but walk-ins are expected, too.

Meanwhile, Leviticus Tattoo (4109 E. Lake St., Minneapolis; 612-729-1475) will be going big this Saturday. From noon to midnight, the artists onsite will be offering $103 tattoos in the Sailor Jerry style. The event is walk-ins only, and first come, first serve.

Whether you go for a pair of dice, a hula girl, a sailboat, or an anchor, choose wisely.