l'etoile's Cool Link of the week: Trash Novel Book Club

right. Ready yourself for the "trashiest" book club of all time. There is no great literature here, but we're pretty sure Trash Novel Book Club leaders/"naughtybilly" folk group Courtney McClean & The Dirty Curls have some delightfully bad cult classics up their sleeves. An online reading group that uses Twitter hashtags and Facebook as discussion mediums, the Trash Novel Book Club is not only deliciously debaucherous, but it's also high-tech! So put on your satin turban, pour a glass of champagne, and light a fire (for when you need to throw your champagne glass later), and cozy up with this month's inaugural selection: Valley of the Dolls. Don't get us wrong, l'etoile loves Tolstoy, but it's almost summer. It's time to get our crap read on.

Click HERE for the Facebook group

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