'Les Flammes de Paris' to screen at the Heights Theater


If you cannot afford the trip to Moscow to see Les Flammes de Paris in person at the Bolshoi, do not fret. The Heights Theater is presenting the world-renowned two-part ballet in HD tonight on their popular silver screen for just $15--a far cry from the thousands you might spend trying to get yourself to Russia.

Tonight's HD presentation of Les Flammes de Paris is part of the Opera in the Cinema Events series at the Heights. The ballet screening will begin at 7:15 p.m., which gives you enough time to vote after work and still make your way over to Columbia Heights for a bit of classical dance art. 

Les Flammes de Paris was composed by Boris Asafiev and first premiered in 1932, eventually becoming one of Stalin's favorite ballets. The ballet takes place during the the French Revolution in the 1800s, while simultaneously representing--rather accurately--the political atmosphere of Russia at the time of its debut. 

The performance that the Heights is screening tonight was filmed last March, and stars Natalia Osipova, with musical direction by Pavel Sorokin. It also features all the notable backdrops of France, including Marseilles, Versailles, and the victory celebration in the middle of Paris. 

Advance tickets are available online. The Heights Theater is located at 39th and Central in Columbia Heights.