'Leather and Lace: A Homage to Britney & Nicki' opens tonight

Didn't get tickets to the Britney and Nicki's Femme Fetale concert tonight? Don't feel too bad. A few local artists have your Spears/Minaj jones in mind.

"Leather and Lace: A Homage to Britney & Nicki" opens tonight at Nevermind Gallery with a public reception featuring live music--not by Brit and Nick though; they'll be busy over at the Xcel Energy Center.


Kaliah Jackson, 100 Proof Kiss, and the Upper Cuts are taking on the live music duties, and Travi Brannaman will be painting live. There will be artwork on display by Alex Cole Jr., Paul Rolfes, Jeremi Hanson, Emily Chesley, Luke Grothe, Hannah Varn, Jane Gulbranson, Lahlie Trevis, Travis Brannaman, Joe Sipp, Jesse Golfis, and more.

Paintings of Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj in Minnesota settings will be highly amusing. It's as though some of the artists imagined what the girls might do if they ditched their concert for some free time in the Twin Cities. And really, who hasn't imaged that at some point?

The opening reception for "Leather & Lace: A Homage to Britney & Nicki" begins tonight at 6 p.m. at Nevermind Gallery (201 W. Seventh St., St. Paul). The show will be on display through July 10.