Latin American mythology (and other art shows worth your time)


When you’re not marching for science this weekend, we’ve got some art events you might want to attend. Get your inner environmentalist revved up at the Gordon Parks Gallery, stop by for some classical Indian dance-themed art at the A-Mill Artist Lofts, and treat yourself to Maria Cristina Tavera’s amazing woodblock and screenprints.

Ecocentric: Art, Ecology and Engagement

Where it’s at: Gordon Parks Gallery, 645 Seventh St. E., St. Paul.

What it’s about: Miranda Brandon, Rachel Breen, and Mary Johnson share ecologically-conscious art. With drawings, mixed-media work, and photography, the show features an ecocentric aesthetic, raising awareness about environmental issues through visual means.

Why you should go: If you’re worried about the future of the planet, you may want to check this show out. Sometimes, artists have ways of addressing topics about nature and the danger of various ecological challenges our Earth faces in illuminating ways.

When: 5-7:30 p.m.

Thursday Mudrā: a dance concert and art exhibition 

Where it’s at: A-Mill Artist Lofts, 315 Main St. SE, Minneapolis

What it’s about: Artist and dancer Mesma Belsare delivers a double punch on Friday, with an art show and a dance concert in one. Mudrā means "gesture," and the show will include connections between Indian classical dance, painting, and sculpture through movement, music, and spoken text. Oil paintings will accompany the show in the adjacent space.

Why you should go: In case you weren’t aware of this, the Twin Cities is an amazing place if you are interested in Indian dance, with a number of Internationally recognized companies based here. Here’s a chance to see a great performer and artist based in Boston for a one-evening only engagement.

When: 7 to 9 p.m. Friday.

Tell & Retell/Contar y Recontar | Maria Cristina Tavera Exhibit 

Where it’s at: Electric Machete Studios, 777 Smith Ave. S., St. Paul

What it’s about: Printmaking artist Tina Tavera dives into Latin American legends, folklore, and traditions for her latest solo show, “Tell and Retell/Contar y Recontar,” now on view at Electric Machete Studios. She’ll be at an artist talk on Friday.

Why you should go: Tavera’s smart style blends storytelling, political musings, and identity with a light, often playful touch. Come see what she does as she mixes ancient stories with modern retellings, offering a fun, smart line-up of contemporary art.

When: 7 to 9 p.m. Friday.