Last Comic Standing recap: Sketch challenge

Last Comic Standing recap: Sketch challenge
NBC/Ben Cohen
This week, Last Comic Standing put the reality back in reality television.

With the field narrowed down to the final 10 contestants, the theme of this week's episode was sketch comedy.

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Things got started quickly, as the comics divided into two teams, chose team names, and met this week's celebrity mentor, Cheryl Hines.

NOTE: Cheryl Hines is seriously the ageless wonder. Homegirl honestly looks better now than she did back in the Curb Your Enthusiasm days. Good hustle, Cheryl.

The first team, the Sketchy Snakes, prepped for this week's showdown in full costume, embracing the concept of teamwork.

On the flip side, their opponents, the Business, had some friction early on, proving once again that old people are terrible at working together.

Next, we flashed forward to performance night at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, where the two teams laid down their newly found sketch skills.

The premise was a morning talk show where two of the comics interviewed a special guest, who was introduced as an author/murderer. Nikki Carr was the breakout star of the Sketchy Snakes, with her character being a murderer/cookbook author.

Next up, the Business took their turn onstage with much more awkward results. As Aida Rodriguez pointed out, the group didn't listen to the audience (who were brutally silent during the performance), which was the most important advice that Hines had to offer.

Ultimately it was decision time, and in the least shocking moment of the night, the Sketchy Snakes crushed their competition, giving all five members of the team immunity from the head-to-head elimination.

One by one, each of the comedians had to enter a confessional booth and vote for one person to enter the head-to-head elimination. In a very reality-show twist, the person with the most votes was allowed to select who they would compete against, though they could only choose those who nominated him or her for elimination.

Jimmy Shubert ended up getting voted into the elimination, and he took Aida Rodriguez and Rod Man with him. That night, the three prepared to take the stage at the Improv, where two of them would be sent packing.

And then, Russell Peters showed back up.

In classic Russell fashion, he offered up some of the worst advice of the night, including these gems:

"I'm just here to give you guys a pep talk. Obviously two of you are going to go home tonight."

Smooth, Russell. Smooth.

"Focus on making that audience in front of you laugh."

Can't argue with that.

Finally it was time for the show, with each of the comics performing three minutes. In the end, Rod Man survived, sending the other two comedians home. However, Jimmy Shubert was entered into the Comic Comeback competition online, giving him the opportunity to potentially perform in the live finale.

Next week, the challenge round continues when the contestants appear on Ellen, which will undoubtedly include dancing.

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