Last Comic Standing recap: Roast challenge

And then there were five.

Last night, Last Comic Standing claimed its 95th victim of the season, when another comedian was sent packing in the final head-to-head elimination of the season.

Before two of the contestants hit the stage to fight for their proverbial reality TV lives, we got a front-row seat to the final challenge: roasts.

The comics were informed that they would be roasting legendary comedian Gilbert Gottfried later that evening, and were then introduced to their celebrity mentor, Jeff Ross.

The Roastmaster General met with the remaining participants to help them write jokes about each other, and the guest of honor. While Ross was likeable and eager to help, the comics seemingly didn't need any assistance when it came to blasting each other on the mic.

That night, each comedian launched into the panel of fellow comedians, with Jeff Ross and even host JB Smoove getting caught in the crossfire. Lachlan Patterson was the standout of the challenge, with smart, biting jokes that made him seem like a natural fit for an upcoming Comedy Central roasting gig. Hearing him compare Smoove to Kareem Abdul-Jabar was inspired. And really true.


While judge Jeff Ross said that Lachlan was one of this favorites, in the end he chose Nikki Carr as the final challenge winner, granting her immunity from that night's head-to-head elimination, and an automatic entry into the final five. Oh, and Gilbert Gottfried yelled a lot.

After the last vote of the season, it was decided that Joe Machi would once again step on to the stage, this time preparing to take on Karlous Miller.

While Russell Peters told the cameras that he felt Machi was burning through his material with back-to-back challenges, Machi may have the best chance of winning the entire competition once the public eliminations begin, since audiences have been able to get a better feel for his comedy than any of the other finalists.

While he didn't get the same reaction from his set as he did last week, Machi's bit about how to convince "sluts" (his words, not ours) to do things was hilarious. Miller's set was decent, but as judge Keenan Ivory Wayans pointed out, it felt flat compared to his sets during the semi-finals.  

Ultimately, there would be no sudden-death overtime this week, as Machi was once again crowned the victor, sending Miller into the online Comic Comeback contest for his chance to compete in the live finale.

With the final five decided, next week begins the sprint toward the finale with Machi joining Rocky LaPorte, Nikki Carr, Lachlan Patterson, and Rod Man in the final five contestants. From here on out, the challenges and games are through, and the finalists will be judged only on their standup skills. Also on next week's episode, Jay Leno makes what might be his first post-Tonight Show NBC appearance as the celebrity mentor, which means the denim shirt count is about to skyrocket.