Last Comic Standing recap: Invitationals 3


If you forgot to watch Last Comic Standing last night and kicked yourself this morning for missing out on seeing your favorite Minneapolis comedians square off for a chance to join the elite list of semi-finalists, good news! They're saving the best for last.

Last night's episode featured a new group of hopefuls in the top 100, competing to make it to the next round of the competition. Last week's talent pool was really deep, and only one guy did magic tricks, so expectations were running high in week two.

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Much like last week's episode, the show kicked off with full sets from several of the comedians, along with a video package highlighting some of the performers' lives offstage. You know what that means: REALITY TV GOLD!

-    Indian bro with traditional Indian parents who don't fully grasp his comedy? - Check.


-    Comedian mom who loves joking about her husband and kids? - Yep.

-    Hasidic Jews interacting with a black female comic? - Absolutely.

Still, the show kept with the theme of toning down the reality and sticking to comedy, and this week's comedians seemed to be allowed more onstage camera time than last week's performers.

A glimmer of a Twin Cities tie-in during last night's episode came from Acme Comedy Co. favorite and Chicago native Emily Galati, who received the stamp of approval from Roseanne, who called her set "Smart, smart, smart, smart, smart," amongst other things. At the end of the episode she was announced as one of the finalists moving on to the next round.

(NOTE: Roseanne seems to be the only judge giving any really unique or valuable feedback. To this point, the only contributions that Russell Peters and Keenan Ivory Wayans have brought to the table are generic comments like "Funny stuff. Great job," and a plethora of v-neck t-shirts and sport coats.)

With 15 minutes left in the show, there was a little bit of tension in living rooms around the Twin Cities, as none of the remaining four local comedians from around town had been featured at all. Would they get packaged into a montage and swept under the rug? Would the Minnesota comedy scene get at least 15 SECONDS of fame?

Fortunately, that fear was premature as the show decided to hold off on featuring Mary Mack, Tommy Ryman, Tim Harmston, and Nate Abshire for just one more week, as all four will be included in next week's final invitational episode.

Now, maybe there's something that we haven't seen just yet, or maybe NBC changed the rules, but last night seven more comedians joined the semi-finals, bringing the total to 21 with one more week of invitationals to go. According to everything they've said to this point, only 20 will survive and advance to the next round, so we'll have to see if next week's episode turns into a battle royale for survival to help clean up NBC's shoddy counting game.