Last Comic Standing recap: Finale


It's had its highs and lows, but there's one thing that can't be denied about this season of Last Comic Standing: It's been a celebration of standup comedy.

Last night's finale upheld that standard, with multiple sets from each of the three finalists, along with the online Comic Comeback winner, and judges Roseanne and Russell Peters.

Things got started in the most awesome way possible, with Bob Costas providing a dramatic introduction to all three comics (hearing Costas say "long-ass receipt" was one of the evening's highlights). From there, we jumped right into the first sets of the night with Lachlan Patterson, Rod Man, and Nikki Carr each performing for the judges. Patterson definitely had the strongest set of the trio, as his snarky, biting persona has only gotten stronger as he's gone through the competition.

Nikki Carr was up next, and actually delivered one of her best performances of the season. In past weeks, her presentation has come off almost a little too rehearsed, with each bit having a very defined start and end point. This week, however, she had great transitions and seemed to feed off of the audience much more.

Finally, Rod Man stepped onstage wearing yet another leather T-shirt. Unlike the other two comedians, Rod Man's material has always felt much more personal and real, giving the audience an immediate connection. The show almost delivered its biggest shock of the season, however, when JB Smoove announced that Patterson and Carr would be the final two comedians competing for the title. This was extra surprising, since Rod Man has seemingly been the judges' choice to win the entire show. However, it was a false alarm, as it was ultimately decided that all three contestants would perform one last time.

Before that took place, Alingon Mitra, the online Comic Comeback winner, earned his moment onstage, having defeated literally every finalist in fan voting throughout the season.

Throughout the episode, we had the opportunity to look back on the top 10 jokes of the season. The Twin Cities had one final moment of glory, as Tracey Ashley's hilarious Underground Railroad joke was named the eighth best joke of the entire show.

Next, it was time for the judges to have their turn onstage. While we've been kind of harsh to Russell Peters over the past several weeks when critiquing his judging abilities, there's no denying that his comedy is fantastic, and he showcased exactly why he's become such a massive international success.

Keenan Ivory Wayans was the only judge who didn't perform on last night's show, but he did get a nice little video package spotlighting his many career accomplishments (along with a rendition of the In Living Color theme song by Rod Man). Wayans was the star judge of the season, offering the most consistently valuable and spot-on feedback. His tips didn't feel like they were forced for the cameras, and he was a welcome addition to the judging panel.

Roseanne took the stage next, and showed why she is regarded as one of comedy's toughest females. In just a few short minutes, she managed to hit on vaginal rejuvenation, marijuana, Obama, and her ex-husband Tom Arnold.

Knowing that LCS will be returning once again next summer, hopefully the judging panel will remain intact (yes, even with Russell) as they've added an element of experience to this season without getting in the way of the real stars, the comics.

Finally -- FINALLY -- the three comics performed their last sets of the season, with Rod Man delivering his best material in the clutch. In the end, it turned out to be enough to push the judges over the edge, as he was named the winner of this season of Last Comic Standing, bringing a fitting end to an excellent season of comedy.