Lacey Prpic Hedtke: An unlicensed medium who converses with the dead


Lacey Prpic Hedtke doesn’t consider herself a religious person, except for the fact that she can talk to ghosts. For the past 15 years, Prpic Hedtke has immersed herself in the study of spiritualism, a 19th-century belief system centered on the idea that the living and dead can communicate with each other. She has just come out with a booklet, published by Beyond Repair, called We Believe in Infinite Intelligence: A 21st Century Guide to Spiritualism.

Beyond Repair is hosting a release party this Friday for the booklet, and Prpic Hedtke will be on hand for some chanting, songs, and food that promises to boost your psychic abilities.

Prpic Hedtke first became interested in spiritualism when she was 19 and living in Boston. Her roommate was dating a guy whose dad was a spiritualist pastor in Salem.

“We started going every week and hanging out with them, and they would play recordings from the seances,” Prpic Hedtke recalls. From there, she started to go to a spiritualist church in Watertown. Eventually she trained to be a medium, though she never got certified.

Spiritualism, Prpic Hedtke says, is based on the golden rule that the energy you send out is what you’re going to attract. She says conversing with spirits is a different kind of language.

“Half the battle is allowing yourself to believe it’s possible and setting the time for it,” she says. “I feel like half of it is setting the intention and just being open to it, to entertain the idea that there might be something I can communicate with.”


Prpic Hedtke has always felt like there were spirits around her. “People are just energy,” she says. Being a medium just means you have some control over that energy in order to forge communication.

In her first efforts of being a medium herself, she had to get over some doubts. “It’s bullshit. And then, all of a sudden, some people can see or smell things,” she says. The medium needs to trust whatever it is they are experiencing is not fake. “It’s easy to be like, 'It’s not real,'” she says.

Prpic Hedtke’s decision to make the booklet came out of research she did on the history of spiritualism in the Twin Cities. She realized there aren’t many recent books about spiritualism, so she set out to create a primer of sorts. One part of the book talks about the history of spirit photography, for example. The title is taken from a declaration of principles found in the spiritualism belief system.

For the event on Friday, Prpic Hedtke says she’ll have visitors do some chanting of the text, and people will enjoy some spiritualist food. The booklet will also be available for purchase. Afterward, the party will head over to East Lake Brewery for some more revelry.


We Believe in Infinite Intelligence: A 21st Century Guide to Spiritualism 

7:30-10:30 p.m. Friday

Beyond Repair at the Midtown Global Market