Labor Day is the most popular book in Minnesota

Labor Day is the most popular book in Minnesota

So. Itemizing popular media by state? Apparently it's a thing now. Last week, it was announced that Metric is the most popular band in Minnesota (but then later it was discovered that Daft Punk was actually the top group). This week, Parade has figured out which books are the most popular by state, using e-book app Scribd.

The results are really odd.

Texans enjoy Agatha Christie, Alaskans favor a Ben & Jerry's ice cream dessert book, while Illinois and Wisconsin readers prefer a little Neil Gaiman. Meanwhile, when Minnesotans download a book to read on their phone or iPad, they go right for Joyce Maynard's

Labor Day

, a coming-of-age tale about a 13-year-old boy, an agoraphobic mother, and a convicted murderer on the run.

The book was also recently made into a pretty bad-looking movie starring Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin that was released in January to mixed reviews and unenthusiastic audiences. 

Scribd is an e-book service and app that allows folks to download material via phone or other electronic device. The company arrived at its numbers by ranking book downloads by the state in which users were registered.

For the complete list of books by state, visit Parade.

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