Kevin Smith Wants to Bring Mallrats Back to Eden Prairie



It's hard to believe that Mallrats is turning 20 this year... but time flies like Silent Bob dressed as Batman soaring through the Eden Prairie mall. The cult classic's writer-director Kevin Smith recently hinted on Twitter that the Twin Cities hasn't seen the last of Mallrats.

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Shot just after Smith's breakout film Clerks, Mallrats showcases prime Smith humor, following a couple of college guys bumming around the mall after they get dumped and try to win their ladies back. The 1995 movie features a bunch of Smith and View Askewniverse favorites including Jason Lee and Joey Lauren Adams.

Looks like nothing's official yet, but the thought of a Mallrats reunion is enough to make us want to camp out at the mall until we get a Smith sighting in the suburbs.

Over the last two decades, Eden Prairie Center has undergone considerable changes and is pretty much unrecognizable from its former glory. Mallrats now serves as a time capsule showing the decaying mid-'90s suburban mall before it had a multimillion-dollar facelift and ditched everything from the neon fountain and arcade to the red and green scaffolding that Silent Bob took his ill-fated flight from.

That water tower is still the same.

That water tower is still the same.

We talked to Michael Rooker (who played Mr. Svenning) last year ahead of his appearance at Minneapolis Comic Con, and he was pleasantly surprised by the still-loyal and local Mallrats fanbase:

I love the whole area... I grew up in the Midwest, so you know, Mall of America and all these places, Eden Prairie, were not unfamiliar to me when I was working there and we did the filming. I always look forward to going back to this region. So I'm really happy to hear that we got a big Mallrats contention. I really love this. This is great. This is really great. [Laughs] Yay!

Will we see Jay and Silent Bob or Mr. Svenning return to our humble Eden Prairie Center? We'll keep you posted.