Kevin Kling's "Folks and Heroes": Two more nights at Open Eye

Kevin Kling: A great storyteller with fine taste in headwear
Kevin Kling: A great storyteller with fine taste in headwear

Tonight and tomorrow night are your last two chances to catch Kevin Kling's Folks and Heroes at Open Eye Figure Theatre; Kling refers to it as his onstage "summer vacation," and the barbed Minnesota bard is joined by Simone Perrin, Michael Sommers, and Jaqueline Ultan in a mix of stories, music, and evocative visual imagery.

In this new show, Kling burns folklore and world storytelling traditions for fuel, walking the line between the personal and the universal with his trademark wry wit, eye for detail, and proclivity for slipping in a killer line when you're expecting something else--zigging when you're looking for him to zag.

Sommers supplies his otherworldly touch with puppetry and visual imagery, while Perrin and Ultan round out the sonic end of things, providing the show's musical backdrop. The show comes in short of an hour and a half, and should be one of the transcendent gems of the summer.

Folks and Heroes plays tonight and tomorrow night at 7:30 p.m. at Open Eye Figure Theatre, 506 East 24th Street, Minneapolis ; tickets are $20, $18 students and seniors, $12 for children. For tickets call 612.874.6338 or click here.

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