Kevin Kling to 'A Prairie Home Companion?' No


Could Kevin Kling's new residency at the Fitzgerald Theater herald an eventual move to replace the eventually retiring Garrison Keillor on A Prairie Home Companion? One recent A.V. Onion article mused that it could be a possibility.

The answer is no, says the director of the longtime public radio staple. [jump]

Yesterday, it was announced that Kling would enter into a three-year residency at the Fitzgerald Theater and produce a number of programs, starting with this December's Of Mirth and Mischief (and a follow-up to last year's successful Wizard-of-Oz-inspired Scarecrow on Fire).

The second bit of information? Keillor has indicated he plans to retire in the next couple of years, possibly in spring 2013. So, a new resident artist at the longtime home of A Prairie Home Companion, a retiring host... Could it be?

No. The residency "has nothing to do with A Prairie Home Companion," says Kate Gustafson, the managing director of the the program.

Instead, audiences can check out Kling's signature storytelling and performances in various pieces over the coming months, including the second week of his Lazarus-inspired work at Open Eye Figure Theatre, Joice Rejoice.