Kevin Hart was a drunk Eagles fan on live TV last night

Live TV: Sometimes it's pretty awesome.

Live TV: Sometimes it's pretty awesome. NFL Live

When the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl last night, celebratory fans quickly became a hot mess. This was definitely the case of comedian Kevin Hart, a dedicated Eagles fan, as he made it all around U.S. Bank stadium, popping up in places he probably shouldn't be.

Eagles defensive lineman Fletcher Cox seemed bemused when Hart crashed his live interview with the NFL Network. The impromptu Q&A started off promising. 

"Get off of me! I'm not drunk!" Hart professed, playing it up with the newscasters. "Get off of me, I'm having a good time. Get off me!" 

But when Hart tried rein it in and answer a question about how Philly fans will celebrate, the interview fell apart and he ran offstage. 

"You know what? Philadelphia is a great city," he said, almost somber. "I thought, 'I hope this is an example of what we can do. We gave a fuck...' Ooooh. I'm out." 

In true drunk-in-a-crowd form, Hart was also spotted trying to go up on the podium with the team, but was denied.

We can only assume he spent the rest of the night climbing greased poles.