Ken Burns' Mayo Clinic doc has a vague release date


Epic documentary filmmaker Ken Burns has been working on a project involving the Mayo Clinic. You'll have to wait quite awhile to see it, but we do know that it is coming out in fall 2018 on PBS.

"It is a story of faith, science, and hope," states the project's website page.

The film, which is currently titled The Mayo Clinic, will explore the history of the institution, from its humble but ambitious beginnings following a harrowing tornado in 1883 to its current-day status as one of the most influential and groundbreaking medical institutions in the world.

The piece should end up as a two-hour documentary. The project is listed as being part of Ken Burns: The Next Generation program, a series that supports the endeavors of newer filmmakers. Mayo may become more, however, as Burns has found himself so passionate on the subject that he's gotten increasingly involved. Currently, he's listed as one of three producers on the film.

"I think it's certainly one of the most amazing medical places on Earth and its story is unbelievable," Burns told the Star Tribune while on a press tour for his current work, Vietnam, an 18-hour behemoth coming out in fall 2017.

The Emmy award-winning filmmaker is probably best known for his series covering the Civil War, the jazz era, baseball, and cancer. 

Burns has been working on the Mayo doc for over a year.