Keg for a Cause to raise funds for Huge Theater's new space

Huge Theater is an artist-led company whose mission is to support the Twin Cities improvisation community through performance and education. The theater began in 2005, but the combined experience of its instructors--Jill Bernard, Nels Lennes, and Butch Roy--is well over 30 years. Their space is a work in improvisation as well. Currently the troupe is working out of Brave New Workshop until construction is finished on their recently signed lease for a building at 3037 Lyndale.

With well-known venues such as the Brave New Workshop, Comedysportz, and Stevie Ray's, the Twin Cities is no stranger to improvisation. What makes Huge different from all the rest is their dedication to long form improvisation. From Huge Theater's webpage, long form improv is the "art of creating performances that are unscripted. It is different than playing improvised 'games' or improvising within a scripted piece. HUGE wants to give long form improvisation--and the people who enjoy performing and watching it--a stage."

Getting that stage will require a bit more work than simply signing a lease, however. As a result, Huge is hosting Keg for a Cause to help raise funds. The benefit will take place at Tillie's Bean. Admission is $20 and includes free beer and a live acoustic performance by Motion City Soundtrack, who encourages attendees to bring cameras, flip cams, and iPhones to shoot footage that they will compile and edit together for a music video.

Keg for a Cause is this Friday at 7 p.m. at Tillie's Bean (1931 Nicollet Ave. S., Minneapolis). Visit Huge Theater for more information or to donate online.

Keg for a Cause to raise funds for Huge Theater's new space
Jill Bernard, Nels Lennes, and Butch Roy

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